Some People Are Just Slow Learners

The aftermath of the public murder of George Floyd was horrific. Riots, looting, assaults, violence of all kind in city after city became so routine that it was almost boring to watch the daily news. In Portland, people rioted every single day (night, actually) for over 100 consecutive days. This violence was virtually condoned by liberal city mayors and other officials if not outright approved by others. Some referred to it as “reparations” for slavery while other less ludicrous claims included justice for George Floyd as if burning down a Wendys or looting a Walgreens would somehow bring him back to life.

Following almost immediately afterwards came the calls to “Defund the Police”. The cries grew in intensity until the pressure to “defund the police” became a reality and certain highly liberal cities actually did just that. They cut the police budgets by significant amounts as if this act of pure stupidity would somehow right every social injustice wrong ever suffered by a person of color. Of course the general public and people who were still able to think in reasonable terms recognized this as stupidity incarnate.

The results were highly predictable. Crime, notably violent crime statistics began to skyrocket. Worse, the largest increases in crime took place in the parts of cities inhabited by just the people who perceived themselves as the victims of racial hatred. What on the surface appeared to be an incredibly stupid idea turned out to be an incredibly stupid idea and liberal city after liberal city reluctantly began to back pedal, slowly but surely restoring police funding but with significantly less public posturing than was witnessed during the funding cutbacks. As of today, most cities who succumbed to the siren call of ‘defund the police’ have restored said funding after suffering painful and embarrassing increases in violent crime.

Having learned absolutely nothing from the experience, liberal city governments are poised now to repeat the entire process. This time it’s the liberal district attorneys who have taken the bait and will lead their cities into yet another cycle of increased crime, violence, and loss of life and property. The district attorneys of liberal city after liberal city have announced that they will no longer prosecute a variety of crimes that they refer to as ‘low level’ because they deem punishment for these crimes is “unfair”. These crimes include resisting arrest, drug possession, making criminal threats, and sex work. In California it is no longer a felony to shoplift property from an open business if the stolen property value is under $950. The district attorneys of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and New York have all pledged to defer prosecution of what they determine to be ‘low lever’ crimes.

Just as rational people looked at the ‘defund the police’ movement with shock and horror, these same rational people now look at the new liberal policies advanced by radical big city district attorneys with the same level of shock and horror. What in the world do you think this policy will produce? How long will it take for people to recognize the folly of these policies? For some individuals and small businesses it will be far too long but there are signs of hope. In Los Angeles, a move to recall district attorney George Gascon is underway. Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner recently proclaimed that there is no crime crisis in Philadelphia causing a huge backlash of opinion and measured back tracking by Krasner. Still, it seems unavoidable that people will suffer and property will be sacrificed by innocent people before the light will come on… again… and sensibility will return. Why does it take so long for the sensible majority to prevail?