You Don’t Have To Be Smart To Be Famous

Nancy Pelosi’s IQ is a very curious thing. When it comes to political cunning, ruthless party in fighting, or questionable tactics set to increase her already considerable wealth, she is virtually unmatched. If a wayward Democratic house member would dare to stray from the party line you can be assured that Pelosi will find a way to bring the member back to heel. So how can a brain that is so accomplished in political muscle flexing and iron fist management come across so often in public as a complete imbecile? There are various theories but I have my own: I think she is a political savant. Webster says a savant is a person affected with a developmental disorder (as autism or intellectual disability) who exhibits exceptional skill or brilliance in some limited field (as mathematics or music). Doesn’t this make some sense? She has an exceptional skill or brilliance in the ability to keep her party members in line and to insure they vote her will. But a savant’s skill is limited and non transferable. A musical savant is rarely – perhaps never – a brilliant mathematician – or even a competent one.

Being a political savant infers absolutely no particular logical, reasoning, or intellectual skill and her lack of said skills is on display every time she opens her mouth. “We have to pass the bill so we can find out what’s in the bill.” This deathless proclamation of ignorance will forever insure her name will be brought up whenever stupid people’s words are discussed. I have always believed that it would be virtually impossible to top her “pass the bill” idiocy, but I see in today’s news feed she has indeed found a way to surpass even that most stupid utterance. Are you ready for it? Nancy Pelosi is at a loss to understand what is fueling the current wave of lawlessness in the country, particularly in San Francisco. Nancy Pelosi, a leader in the Democratic party, the same Democratic party that advocates no cash bail, no prosecution, empty the jails, defund the police, misdemeanors for everything save outright homicide legislation cannot understand what is causing the current wave of lawlessness. And you know what? I believe her. I believe that this 81 year old woman has been in government so long she, for a fact, does not know what is causing our ongoing crime wave. When even ultra-liberal San Francisco mayor London Breed has reversed course and is now calling for increased police presence in the city to control lawlessness, Nancy Pelosi stands before us and decries the lack of order and confesses she does not understand the cause. This woman is second in line for the presidency – after Kamala Harris, God forbid, and that should scare the hell out of you. It does me.