Who Are The Bad Guys?

I readily and often admit I am a conservative thinker. As a result, I often wonder if my ideology distorts the way I view current events. I wonder how my many logical and caring progressive friends justify what to me seems to be the brutal thug-like behavior of their constituents. How can people of conscience ignore what took place in so many Democratic led cities during the summer of 2020? Portland for sure, but also Minneapolis, St. Louis, Kenosha, Seattle, etc etc etc saw lawlessness run rampant with the tacit approval of Democrat local leadership. Is my thinking so biased that I am somehow refusing to see some ‘other side’ where an equal amount of lawlessness is taking place? Is there a complement to BLM or Antifa on the right side of politics that I am blind to?

Other than the short lived (and markedly non-violent) Tea Party movement, is there ANY right wing organization comparable to the various left wing organizations that make news every day? I’ll wait for your answer.

Why are local and national Democratic organizations able to escape responsibility for the harm they do to America? I think the answer is simple: the left controls the media and as a result has an enormous effect on public opinion. In turn, public opinion is the singular force able to deflect political trajectories. So long as people are willing to tolerate unruly behavior it will continue and escalate. One has only to look at the besieged city of Portland, Oregon to see how extreme the resultant behavior can become. While there is no shortage of left wing propagandists willing to assure you that the protests were ‘mostly peaceful’, the truth is there were many many businesses damaged or destroyed. How many? You can view the list of damaged/destroyed Portland businesses on line. My count is 53 with who knows how much damage in total. There were protests and violence in Portland for more than 100 consecutive nights. The mayor did nothing, the governor did nothing and in fact refused help offered by the federal government (Donald Trump) to aid in stopping the violence.

So… who are the bad guys? Who is doing the burning? Who is doing the looting? Who is causing the destruction? Who is refusing to hold the perpetrators accountable? Of course the answer to all these questions is the main stream media and Democratic politicians.

So what am I missing here? The January 6th “insurrection” I guess is the answer, right? For sure, this was a dark day in American history. A bunch of unauthorized people entered the nation’s capitol illegally and raised hell for a few hours. None of these folks were armed and only one person was killed: an unarmed female protester. I don’t think these guys should have done what they did and I for sure wish they had not done it. But they did and we now live with the consequences. The left has seized the opportunity to play it for all it’s worth – including a Congressional investigation with all the trimmings. People are being charged and incurring jail sentences – in most cases deserved. If entering the nation’s capitol without authorization is an offense worth jail time, what would be just recourse for burning down an innocent person’s personal business? For shining laser beams in the eyes of policemen? For assaulting innocent bystanders? How many “protesters” (read thugs) have been jailed for committing these offenses? I am not aware of a single arrest. So I repeat my question: “WHO ARE THE BAD GUYS?”