Let’s Hope Hillary Is Right

Hillary Clinton recently was quoted as saying that if Donald Trump is elected president in 2024 we won’t recognize the country. I hope and pray that she is, for once, correct. The same woman who looked us in the eye and told us she had no classified email on her private mail server is quite well known for getting things wrong, mostly on purpose but let’s pray that this time she got it right.

I am having trouble recognizing the country we live in today – any change that might restore it to what it used to be is more than welcome. I don’t recognize a country where thugs can walk in to a high end business with tools in their hands, crush the display cases and remove untold thousands of dollars in merchandise without consequence. I don’t recognize a country where a criminal can smash an innocent person in the face with his fist and not be held responsible. I don’t recognize a country where criminals spend ZERO time in jail after being arrested for the most violent of crime: assault, theft, battery, etc. I don’t recognize a country that has tremendous oil reserves and refining capability yet begs states that hate us to increase production. I don’t recognize a country that refuses to maintain a border, allowing millions of unknown aliens from all around the world to enter at will. I don’t recognize a country that abandons hundreds, maybe thousands of its citizens and supporters to hostile forces sworn to kill them, I don’t recognize a country whose government includes openly anti-Israel politicians, and I sure as hell don’t recognize a country that is overrun with violent street crime and simultaneously blames and shames its policemen. So lets hope for once Hillary gets it right so we can all look forward to a country vastly different from the one we live in today.