They’re Children

Being a Conservative these days is not easy. Conservatives are easily (and often) criticized as uncaring, unfeeling monsters who have no empathy for the poor, the uneducated, the lower class of our country. Constant attacks accusing Republicans of advocating for the rich at the expense of the poor ring out every day on Progressive media outlets. I have had members of my own family accuse me of racial prejudice for my position on illegal immigration. I read every day in the local and national news of the heartless way Republicans express their contempt for the poor and minorities. My view is a little different.

I have been a Conservative thinker since I ‘discovered’ politics. This was during the presidential election of 1964 when I thought Barry Goldwater made a whole lot of sense compared to what Lyndon Johnson was telling us. Even in this early phase of my political experience, it seemed that the difference between a liberal and a conservative was quite similar to the difference between an adult and a child. The child sees what he wants and demands it without regard for consequence. It is up to the adult to weigh consequences with want and make the proper decision. A child sees a loaded gun and wants to play with it but it is up to the adult to determine if that is a good idea or not. And it’s not always easy to say ‘NO’. To me, Conservatives are the adults in the political conversation and the Liberals/Progressives are the children. Children always want to do what is fun, what feels good, what other people will like; they’re oblivious to consequences. Lyndon Johnson implored the country to reach out to the poor who he reasoned were the victims of an unfair system and lift them up via government handouts. He ignored those who pleaded instead for a path away from welfare, efforts to keep the father in the home, access to better jobs and vigorously proposed eventual prosperity for all via massive government giveaway programs. Liberals praised him and assured us he had just ended poverty in the US forever. Conservatives deplored the absolute waste of trillions of taxpayer dollars that could have been put to much better use. Fifty years and TWENTY-TWO TRILLION DOLLARS later, the poverty level in the US is essentially unchanged. The child’s whining won out, the adults were ignored.

Life for the poor in Central America and Mexico is hard. Corrupt governments, stagnant economies, lack of incentive plague ordinary citizens who must feel an overwhelming sense of hopelessness. Who wouldn’t have compassion for these people? For most of these depressed people the only hope of a better life lies in immigration to America. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if we could simply welcome every single oppressed individual and family to immigrate to the USA? Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if we could expand our economy to care for unlimited citizens? Unfortunately, the hard fact of the matter is that we simply cannot welcome every single oppressed individual and family to immigrate to the USA. Countries have borders for a reason. Social services such as schools, hospitals, churches, police departments, etc, have to be structured and SUPPORTED by the people they serve. Asking a police department, emergency hospital or a school district supported by a population of 100,000 people to serve a population of 130,000 people, or more, is not only unreasonable – it is economically impossible. Any attempt to stretch such civic resources beyond their real life capabilities can only result in their eventual collapse. And then where will the illegal immigrants turn for help? And who will care for the innocent American citizens who will find themselves in dire straits thru no fault of their own? It takes an adult to recognize this hard fact of life.

The summer of 2020 provided a host of examples of child like Progressive behavior and the consequences of pacifying it. City after city suffered violence, burning, looting, and social disruption at the hands of the ‘children’ who were throwing a tantrum, pissed off about perceived police malevolence and other social shortcomings of our society. No amount of logic or reasoned argument could dissuade the thugs in Portland, Minneapolis, San Francisco, and other liberal strongholds from their objective of absolute destruction. They burned, they looted, they destroyed, all with the tacit approval of the liberal media and compliant liberal local politicians. Children out of control.

Like children, progressives want to rid themselves of anything they deem unpleasant regardless of usefulness or need. A child will shun medicine if it has an unpleasant taste regardless of how much he will benefit from taking it. Bad behavior by certain police officers was enough to enrage the ‘children’ to lash out with typical childlike logic and attempt to de-fund or eliminate the police. Liberal city after liberal city reduced funding for their police departments with predictable results: horrific spikes in violent crime. The liberal children were shocked and offered any number of irrational reasons for the increase in crime, save the obvious. Children will deny culpability even in the face of irrefutable evidence. “I didn’t eat the cookies”, says the crumb faced tot to his accusing mother.

Children will always take the easy way out. Recently our president stated publicly that he would not leave American citizens and friends behind when evacuating Afghanistan and then proceeded to do exactly that. And he did it in front of the entire world. George Stephanopoulos asked him on national tv what he would do if the deadline came and everyone was not out. He said clearly that we would stay until we had gotten everyone to safety. Kids always take the easy way out. To say we would get everyone out was the easy answer. When it came time to live up to the promise he caved and left hundreds behind – the first time ever that an American president has made such a treacherous move. To have done otherwise would have been hard, a deadline was involved. Just for a minute, think what Donald Trump, or Ronald Reagan for that matter, would have done in a similar circumstance. But alas, we are stuck with Joe Biden.

The most progressive of the progressives are aggressively pushing spending on the Green New Deal and our president is going along with them. It has been estimated that there isn’t enough money in the country, all sources considered, to pay for what these children want now. Printing truck loads of money has resulted in runaway inflation. A few logical adult minds are pushing back but the Democratic-lead government is going along. Joe Biden calls it “Build Back Better” but it would be more appropriately called a quick path to financial ruin. The children are at it again and they continue to ignore the consequences. Did we learn nothing as we watched Greece and then Venezuela explode and then burn from over spending? What this country needs now more than ever is ADULTS. Somebody has got to step up and say “NO”. If no politician will do it then our only hope is that the American people will do it – but we are running out of time.