The Kiss of Death

Joe Biden has just issued the Kiss of Death to Taiwan. In so many words, he has sealed the fate of this island nation and I don’t know if anyone has yet picked up on it. Today Joe Biden told a CNN Town Hall meeting that the US would defend Taiwan from an attack by China. This mighty proclamation from the man who pledged to “leave no one behind” as the US military ran helter skelter from Afghanistan leaving untold numbers of Americans and allies in the lurch. The Chinese of course responded in kind. The man who has been accused of being wrong on every foreign policy decision he has ever made is about to add another blunder to his shameful list. If you were a Taiwanese resident or if you had relatives and family there would you now feel safer or more at risk than ever? And we have this incompetent dolt of a ‘president’ to deal with for more than 3 more years. God help us.