POOF! Problem Solved.

Joe Biden’s southern border crisis was starting to get out of hand. When only Fox News was covering the misery endured by 15,000 illegal immigrants camped under a bridge in Del Rio, Tx, the crisis was manageable by the administration but then it grew to such proportions that the main stream media could no longer ignore it. Eventually video of the situation showing the magnitude of the problem began to appear on CBS and NBC newscasts.

Then – and only then – did the populace begin to take notice. Finally an ambitious partisan got hold of a clip showing a border patrol agent using the reins of his horse to maneuver the animal during crowd control and the roof blew off. “Border Patrol agents are whipping defenseless immigrants!” The radical left immediately rose up with cries of brutality and inhumane treatment. Suddenly, the nation’s attention was focused on Del Rio, Texas. Joe Biden himself, without a shred of evidence and without ever having visited the border himself but with typical Joe Biden shoot-from-the-hip mentality, condemned the agent and promised that he “...will pay.” It was only a matter of hours before the agent was vindicated, even the photographer who took the video stated that ‘nobody got whipped’ during the incident. But the widespread publicity was causing worrisome comments from even liberal quarters and it was obvious something had to be done. And fast.

In typical Joe Biden shoot first, aim second fashion, without a shred of analysis or measured thought, Biden acted. What did Joe Biden do? He simply let the vast majority of Haitians into the country. Problem solved. Some were deported back to Haiti but the overwhelming majority of the illegal immigrants are now safely ensconced in the United States without benefit of any manner of vetting, covid-19 screening, or documentation. They were required to agree to appear at some future asylum hearing and then released, transportation furnished by the US, into our country. That’s how Joe Biden solves a problem. As a side note, I would venture to guess that very few, if any, of these illegals were admitted to residency in Delaware. But Wyoming, Missouri, Minnesota…

Reports are now being heard of a new caravan of immigrants forming in Central America. Thousands more illegal immigrants will soon be on their way to America in even greater numbers than before. I know it. You know it. Kamala Harris knows it. Joe Biden knows it. Alejandro Mayorkas knows it. I guarantee you that every border patrol agent in America knows it and nothing is being done. Nothing is being done. It is a one hundred percent CERTAINTY that in a predictable amount of time we will be facing another “Del Rio, TX” catastrophe. It doesn’t have to happen. It can be prevented. Unfortunately, it won’t be. I’m thinking that there must be a lot of powerful people in this country that want it to happen.