Pet Peeves


I’ve got a lot of pet peeves, the majority having to do with how people drive. But my biggest pet peeve by far has nothing to do with people’s driving habits. It has to do with so called ‘gardeners’. I refer to these guys who make a living by cutting other people’s lawns, trimming their trees, etc. Now don’t get me wrong, there isn’t a thing wrong with this manner of earning a living and in fact I am glad we have people who dedicate their lives to improving the landscape of their communities in general. My peeve has to do with how they dispose of the waste they create.


POOF! Problem Solved.

Joe Biden’s southern border crisis was starting to get out of hand. When only Fox News was covering the misery endured by 15,000 illegal immigrants camped under a bridge in Del Rio, Tx, the crisis was manageable by the administration but then it grew to such proportions that the main stream media could no longer ignore it. Eventually video of the situation showing the magnitude of the problem began to appear on CBS and NBC newscasts.