How Disappointed Am I

You would have to call my feelings toward president Trump ‘ambivalent’ to say the least. Overall, I thought he was a very good president and I base this remark solely on his accomplishments in office. He completely rejuvenated a flagging economy that Barack Obama had been dragging through the mud for eight years. He actually got control of our southern border which hadn’t happened in recent memory.

He decimated ISIS. You remember ISIS, don’t you? Those guys that were running around cutting people’s heads off, slitting their throats on live tv? The ones that Obama pledged to get rid of as well although he cautioned us that it would take “at least 10 years” to do so. Trump turned the military loose, unfettered it from Obama’s rules of engagement, and they decimated ISIS in a year. Additionally, he did me and a great number of others a real good turn by drop-kicking the stock market into new territory by dismantling Obama’s business strangling regulations, lowering taxes, and urging businesses to return operations to America. He subdued the Taliban in Afghanistan. He made America energy independent for the first time in years. But… he was so abrasive! He seemed to seek out controversy and confrontation at every turn. He insulted heads of state, he made fun of the infirm, he bragged incessantly about every little thing that happened on his watch whether it was a direct result of his action or not. And how he bragged. I eventually could not watch him speak on tv he was so boorish. I know some people thought that this very thing was his charm: “He’s not a politician” they said so don’t criticize his really poor public speaking skills.

I 100% supported him and his actions while at the same time detested his manner. I can barely imagine the intense hatred he generated in his enemies who did not share my admiration for his accomplishments. So great was this hatred on the part of his opponents, primarily in Congress but also in the FBI, the CIA, and most other branches of government, that his entire four year term was spent defending attempts to remove him from office via imaginary claims of treason, dereliction of duty, and “Russian Collusion”. The apex of this deplorable behavior was a fatuous impeachment process that did nothing but deter Congress from their legislative responsibilities for four years.

As the 2020 election approached I fully expected he would be re-elected, as I trust did a majority of the country. I believe to this day that the Corona 19 pandemic was solely responsible for his defeat. I reject the notion that the election was somehow stolen by the Democrats while at the same time acknowledge that serious voting irregularities took place. When the election eve results began to show an inevitable Biden victory I was truly crestfallen. As the reality of an impending four year Democratic administration sank in I attempted to console myself with the proverbial ‘silver lining’: at least we won’t have to endure any more Trump rallies, insults, bragging, and school yard behavior. We’ll get a respite from all the chaos via this career politician who speaks well of everyone, doesn’t make waves, is clearly suffering from oncoming dementia, and will serve as a place holder president for the next four years. Peace at last.

My only real concern with Biden’s election was uncertainty of his ability to resist the Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren/Squad pull to the left and Socialism. But nothing in Biden’s long political past indicated that he would not resist this socialist surge. And herein lies my abject disappointment. I knew he would raise taxes – he’s a Democrat and that’s what Democrats do but the degree to which he will have to increase taxation to support the immense spending bills brought forward by the socialist Democrats in Congress is beyond anything I could have imagined. He has capitulated completely to the radical left in his party and now poses as big a threat as if self declared Socialist Bernie Sanders himself had won the election. Proposed spending of over FIVE TRILLION DOLLARS in “Green New Deal-ish” programs has made my worst nightmares come true. Despite the Democrat’s ludicrous claims that this spending splurge will have zero cost (seriously! This is their claim!), we now face the largest tax increase in 50 years in addition to an increase in the debt burden we will pass on to our children. Biden has totally capitulated to the radical left and the country is at their mercy.

Add the additional failures of policy resulting in the ugly catastrophe at the southern border, the unbelievably inept withdrawal from Afghanistan resulting in 13 dead American servicemen with Americans and friends left behind to face the Taliban at their peril, soaring inflation at home, and the degradation of America’s image world wide with the realization that Biden has done all this in a mere NINE MONTHS. Now you, like me, truly live in fear of what lies in store for us in the days remaining in the Biden presidency. God help us.