About This Site

This is a BLOG. That means a site full of the rants and rambling of someone. In this case, the someone is me. I am an 85 year old lifetime Californian transplanted to Florida in 2009. I post because I like to write and even tho I understand that most of what I write will never be read by anyone except me, I like to see my thoughts in written form. Sometimes this process will cause me to revise my thinking.

The subject of all my posts will be in one of three categories: politics, stories and pet peeves. Politics are my thoughts and feelings regarding what is going on in this country and the world. I am conservative for the most part but I don’t subscribe 100% to all conservative principles. My strongest conservative feelings are with regard to the size and power of government, the abuses of power by politicians, and efforts to distance from the principles on which this country was founded: individual rights and limited government. My weakest conservative policies are with regard to gun control. I favor an individual’s right to own and maintain a gun but for the life of me I can’t understand why anyone needs to own an automatic machine gun holding hundreds of rounds of ammunition. I oppose open borders, same sex marriage, deficit spending, all things woke, and Critical Race Theory. I think BLM is a con on both black and white people in the country and I vigorously support the police.

If you don’t agree with me you are in good company. A great deal of the people who disagree with my views are my friends. It’s not necessary to agree on all things for us to get along; there are plenty of other things for us to talk about. If you think Joe Biden is one of the great leaders of all time, I hope you will still enjoy some of my stories.

The Stories category is simply a collection of stories I have written and posted previously on my Facebook page which have become popular to some degree and so preserved here. They are exclusively recollections of prior experiences dating back to my childhood. In 85 years I have collected a lot of memories.

I don’t usually look this surprised but you caught me off guard.

Pet Peeves gives me a chance to blow off steam about things that irritate me and in my mind should not be tolerated but for some reason generally are. Once again, in 85 years I have accumulated a lot of peeves.

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